"For far too many, pregnancy and birth is still something that happens to them rather than something they set out to consciously and joyfully do themselves."~Sheila Kitzinger

Family Pregnancy Support


I believe in a mother's capability and intuition during labour and birth. I see value in making informed decisions and being aware of all your options. Whether you choose to birth at home, a birth center or a hospital I promise to provide continuous, non-judgmental support. I will be present for you as we meet before baby, during the birthing process  and after you welcome baby into the world.

postpartum support


I value the care of the family and the transition to parenthood. I facilitate this transition by supplying factual information, reassurance, hands-on support with babies and household organization. I can aid you to recover from pregnancy and birth and focus energy on bonding with your new baby. I offer non-judgmental support to help integrate the baby into the family in a loving and gentle manner.

Prenatal Visits


I am committed to helping families feel empowered and supported through birth and labour which echoes into postpartum care where I see value in helping parents recover from the experience, reflect and adjust in the most healthy way possible.  I can combine birth and postpartum packages together to give you all around support: prenatal, postnatal and postpartum.  



“Exactly 6 weeks ago came our little Jeriko. The labour time was pretty tough, but we were blessed to have Amber on our side. When we finally stood in the hospital and the contractions became really intense, Amber was there. I think without her support I never would have been able to go through that birth almost without any medication! With her tasks and emotional encouragement and just the laughing gas I breathed through every contraction. Also for Shane, my husband, it was a big plus to have her on our side. She brought me some nice healthy snacks for after that marathon and visited us postpartum with healthy food for the first crazy days at home, that was also really helpful! She seems just to know what you really need and I would go with her any time again! Thank you Amber, you are such a beautiful soul! Love, Jeriko, Shane & Katrin”

~Birth Clients, Kelowna B.C.

"The best thing my husband and I ever spent money on during pregnancy and postpartum was Doula care. It's not the crib, the stroller or the glider but the days where you can take a quick cat nap as Amber came in, stealthily, and cleaned the the bathroom and kitchen (the two areas you will never find time to get to) and then took our son and held him, changed his diaper and soothed him until the next breastfeeding session. We were so thankful for Amber and her expert care and her listening ear. Not only would she clean the house and soothe our son so I could get a bit of "me" time, but she listened to all my insecurities and encouraged me to keep going. She'll tell you about her experience when she feels like it will help and she has lots of resources to guide you in the journey of a new mom. We would recommend her to anyone!"

~A & C, Postpartum Clients, Kelowna B.C.


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Amber for a number of years as she cared for two gorgeous boys. My role was to support Amber in the families home and together we would chat about the boys, their interests and where they were developmentally. Amber showed a nurturing and kind nature towards everyone that came into her life, and her passion for working with children shined through. I loved how Amber always came down to the child's level and listened to them, showing that she really cared about them."

~Vicki Toussaint, Early Childhood Educator, Connections in the Home, New Zealand


"I really believe that Amber's support allowed me to labour at home for MUCH longer that I would have been able to without her. She was also great support to my husband. I don't know how we would have coped without her. Amber was also very dedicated in learning our birth preferences, including attending hypnobirthing classes with us and doing lots of study and preparation in her own time.  She was a steady support with a calm presence and a real commitment to working with us in a way that was very personal and fit and supported our choices." 

~B + T, Birth Clients, Kelowna B.C.


"Amber's calm and nurturing presence, her ability to provide support (emotional and practical) in a non-intrusive way and her respect for my parenting style and choices made her an integral part of my postpartum journey. She really came alongside me and supported me in a way that empowered me while also providing rest and practical help.  Her support in processing and debriefing after our child's birth was a very important part of my postpartum journey. Things really didn't go as I had hoped they would, and being able to process with someone who was there was really helpful.  I wouldn't change anything about her support - she was exactly what we needed."

~T, Postpartum Client, Kelowna B.C.



Photo Credit:  Sarah Lauze  Photography

Photo Credit: Sarah Lauze Photography