So, after years and years of suffering a surgery date was scheduled. This was my first time going under general anesthetic and I was scared. I remember waiting in the blue gown and booties with compression socks, starving and anxious. I can see Dale’s face as I turned and waved before I walked into the operating room, hoping that I would come out alive. A common fear, right?

Dear Jack

My Jack,

It’s hard to believe that six years ago I was being admitted to the hospital to prepare to welcome you into this world. All five pounds of YOU. Our little bundle born in a cozy Auckland hospital room, who took your first steps in our little bungalow in Highland Park, had your first swim in the salty seas and have taken more airplane rides than many. One of your first words was ‘guitar’ [dee-ta] and you’ve loved music since the womb.

We're Having a Baby!!

Time to welcome babe. Everything faded away and I knew I had to listen to my body. I was semi-reclined, Dale on my right side holding my hand and Tilly helping direct breathing and pushing. Oh it was so intense! Tilly said “I know it feels as if you’re going to tear in half, but that’s normal so keep going!”

I'm Pregnant!? What the.....?

Along the way, at about 14 weeks I was picking up the boys in a rainstorm, as you do for school pick up. I was waiting with other parents, holding my umbrella when all of the sudden I felt a huge shock on my hands as the umbrella flew out of my hands.

I had just been struck by lightening at 14 weeks pregnant. I was terrified to move.