This is Me. Mama Bird Doula.

mama bird doula

Almost two years ago I started to read.  I wanted to test the waters and see if becoming a doula was really for me before I committed to anything like training or a new career path.  I ordered 'A Passion for Birth' by the famous anthropologist, author, actor, mother, world traveller, advocate for multiple causes and feminist, Sheila Kitzinger.   She masterfully combined these roles as Ina May Gaskin puts it, and her passion for maternity care and mother's left me knowing that this was it, this is what I was meant to do. Statistics were clear and convincing. Studies of other cultures and their way of birth and labour was evidence that the West had much to learn, and I wanted to be a part of that. So, I purchased book after book related to the doula life from breastfeeding to postpartum care and I took a leap and signed up for Birth & Postpartum Training through the worldwide organization, DONA International.  Every month I checked another book off the list and felt more and more prepared for what I was about to step into.  Twenty-four books later I was off to Victoria, B.C. to take my training. Full of nerves I stepped into the classroom and I've never looked back. The amount of hands-on practice I received, the book knowledge I was taught and all the videos and readings and role play and discussion left me leaving class overwhelmed and on some sort of information high. I craved more. I wanted to soak it all in. The affirmations from the teachers and classmates only spoke to the path I was on.  Little did I know how fast things would take off. I came home to Kelowna, B.C with books in hand ready to take it all on. Within a few days I had clients, was a member of DONA and the Kelowna Doula Association and on my way to actually doing it. 

Now, I enter into the position as a doula with a grateful heart and welcoming spirit and feel honored to be welcomed into families.  

~mama bird doula