10 Good Reads While Pregnant

mama bird doula

Nowadays there are hundreds of books out there and it can be quite overwhelming at times. Which ones do you read? What advice do you listen to - well that's a whole different topic now, isn't it? Which books are worth purchasing and how do you know which ones to steer clear of?  There are some great reads and again it depends on multiple things!

Do you want to birth at home, a birthing center or the hospital? Do you want a midwife or your GP and a doula. What even is a doula!? Do you want to breastfeed or know the benefits of it or do you know you want to use formula and all that comes with that? Do you want to use pain relief or just be aware of all your options and the side effects? What about hypnobirthing, baby wearing, co-sleeping, scheduled feeds, baby weaning or to immunize or not?

There are so many things to think of and consider....so I found a good list of a 10 MUST reads while pregnant. This list has a variety of books that cover all these topics and give insight to them all so you can make your own decisions based on the information you read. It never hurt anyone to be educated on a subject right? I find that I love to read it all - everything - from all sides so I can make my own decisions, come to my own conclusions and be educated to make informed decisions. 

  1.  Ina May's Guide to Childbirth 

  2. The Birth Partner 

  3. Breastfeeding Made Simple 

  4. The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding 

  5. Natural Hospital Birth

  6. The Wonder Weeks

  7. The Happiest Baby on the Block

  8. This Isn't What I Expected

  9. The Baby Book

  10. Childbirth Without Fear

Of course there are a hundred more I could add to this list but I think it's a good start with a wide variety of information that will answer questions, give you things to ponder and hopefully help you in your pregnancy journey towards labour and birth.  Check out the links and the reviews and get reading!!! You won't be disappointed.  

~mama bird doula