You Are Enough


How do we still walk around thinking that we are not enough? Not tall enough, short enough, fit enough, skinny enough, healthy enough, smart enough, brave enough, courageous enough, mom enough?

How do we shift our thinking to know that we are enough and will always be enough?

I'm learning that it's mind over matter and actually takes work, well, at least for me it does. I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself that I am enough....on a daily basis, sometimes hourly!  That little voice sneaks in to tell me the house isn't clean enough, my tummy isn't flat enough, my make-up isn't fancy enough, my meals aren't foodie enough and my child isn't tough enough, smart enough or cute enough. 

Comparison is the thief of joy, yet we let it rob us daily. 

It's twisted. So twisted. I think we need to stand together and constantly remind each other that we are enough. Those positive words of affirmation speak so loud and they ring louder than those dark voices trying to work their way in. I see it in coffee groups, at play dates, in conversations, in client emails and even in children. 

The times that I know I'm enough are when I'm immersed in playing with my son and he leans over to kiss my cheek or when we both are dancing around the house to rock'n roll and our dance moves make us fall to the floor in hysterics because we looks so silly. Or when my husband tells me he's proud of who I am and is thankful I'm such a good mom. And it's when my own parents and family support me in my journey, near or far and tell me I'm doing a good job. When my son calls me mommy and tells me he loves me and puts his arm around me or when he curls up close for story time, I know, I'm enough. Enough of a mom and wife and friend....because I'm me. 

So as you struggle with this common battle of being enough or not, know that you are. And as busy moms and parents and grandparents all we can do is be present, leave comparison at the door and be who we are, because that my friend is more than enough.

~mama bird doula