What's in a D O U L A Bag?

mama bird doula bag

It usually pays off to be prepared, so I do just that when packing my doula bag.  It's packed and ready to go - all I need to throw in are a few snacks and a fresh bottle of water and then I'm off and running. 

T E N "must-haves" for the D O U L A :

  1. A Change of Clothes as you never know how long you're going to be at a labour
  2. Mouthwash + gum to keep your breath fresh as coffee usually is a go-to drink
  3. Toothbrush because after 24 hours they just start to feel grimy
  4. Deoderant to steer clear of awful body odor
  5. Tylenol or something to ward off headaches and keep you on top of your game
  6. Facial wipes just in case that make-up you applied hours ago needs to come off
  7. Feminine products just in case or the good and trusted Diva Cup
  8. Snacks + water to keep energy levels up and hunger pangs at a minimum
  9. Change for parking and vending machine's if that's your deal
  10. Phone charger so you're ready to take photos if needed and record a few things

 F I F T E E N "must-haves" for M A M A :

  1. Heat + Cold packs to keep mom comfortable
  2. Flannel cloths to wipe foreheads or roll up under head on bed or in tub
  3. Bendy straws so mom can drink water from any angle
  4. Massage balls for all the pressure points and back massages to ease discomfort
  5. Unscented massage oil like coconut oil to make for a good massage
  6. Eye mask to make it dark for mom if she's trying to rest under bright lights
  7. Battery operated tea lights to set the mood in any room
  8. Folding fan to keep mom cool (great for partner to use along with massage balls)
  9. Lip balm to relieve chapped lips from all the breathing
  10. Lotion to ease dry skin
  11. Head massager because those things make you want to fall asleep almost immediately 
  12. Rebozo to help with hip squeeze, belly support, hip shake and SO much more
  13. Honey sticks for energy boosts
  14. A shawl with tassles for light touch massage
  15. Client Information like their chart, birth plan and preferences                       

And yes, there are more things to add....these are just a few to give you an idea of what goes into a doula bag. My postpartum bag looks a tad different...that's a different post. 

There is a lot to consider as a doula enters in to help a mom and her partner during labour. Being there to support mama emotionally, physically and mentally takes some planning and I like to be prepared to do just that. Happy packing doulas and mama's, I'm ready to go whenever you are!

~mama bird doula