Postpartum Support

postpartum kelowna

So much planning goes into having a baby and how to move through labour but how much goes into the ‘after-the-baby-arrives’ part? Does food magically appear in my freezer or on my doorstep? Why does my baby’s belly button smell like a rotten garbage can? What the hell is this tar-like substance that I can’t wipe off my baby’s butt for the life of me? How do all these pump parts fit together and why are there so many nipple options for a bottle? Is plain toast considered a meal and what on earth are lactation cookies, padsicles and sitz baths? Can I hold my baby too much? (never) Why is my friend telling me to put cabbage leaves on my breasts? Is it wise to walk to the supermarket for some groceries? It feels like parts of my vagina are going to fall on the floor. I can’t seem to get comfortable feeding my baby. My partner is sleeping like a log while I’m up all hours to feed. I smell like breast milk and need a shower and a nap. Is this all normal and how can I deal with it all?

Enter P O S T P A R T U M doula support.

AKA. Moi.

There are so many things to think about that can sometimes go down the wayside…but they are all LEGIT feelings and thoughts that can be sifted through to help you find answers and solutions to cope and heal and navigate through the newborn phase as a brand new parent. I’d love to sit and chat before baby arrives to help with all of the above and help you create the perfect postpartum plan suited to you. Plus, who doesn’t want help to deal with everything after a baby. I’ve been through it, lived it, survived it and helped others as well.

Sending you big hugs as you journey through your pregnancy and everything that comes with it. You are not alone, support is available and I’m here for you.