Birth Doula

More P O S I T I V I T Y in the Birth World

I attended a workshop the other day and the presenter asked what the general consensus was about childbirth stories. And one lady replied,

"Fear. All you hear are the stories of how hard it is, how painful it is and all that can and will go wrong. You don't hear the good stuff like the support they had or the atmosphere around them."

Memories of a Birth Last Forever

I'll never forget the birth of my baby boy. I can remember the moment I was told I had to be induced due to complications, the lighting, the music playing while I laboured, the view out my window, the hallway I walked down, stopping for each contraction, the Swiss ball I bounced on, the colour of the room, the faces of the nurses, my midwife and her suggestions, the feeling of birthing him, the face on my husband as he handed me our son, the doctors checking in on us, the hospital food, the struggle to breastfeed, the cries as an NGT tube was inserted to feed him, his first bath, the parking space we pulled out of taking home our boy.....I can remember it all.

What is a Doula?

I often find when I tell people what a do I get the same response.

"What is a doula? Are you like a midwife?" 

And so I go on to explain that, no, I'm not a midwife or like a midwife and my job is completely non-medical. I don't deliver babies or check heart rates or catch babies or tell you how many centimetres you are dilated. That, my friend, is for the midwife or doctor or care provider to do.