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10 Good Reads While Pregnant

Nowadays there are hundreds of books out there and it can be quite overwhelming at times. Which ones do you read? What advice do you listen to - well that's a whole different topic now, isn't it? Which books are worth purchasing and how do you know which ones to steer clear of?  There are some great reads and again it depends on multiple things!

This is Me. Mama Bird Doula.

Almost two years ago I started to read.  I wanted to test the waters and see if becoming a doula was really for me before I committed to anything like training or a new career path.  I ordered 'A Passion for Birth' by the famous anthropologist, author, actor, mother, world traveller, advocate for multiple causes and feminist, Sheila Kitzinger.

What is a Doula?

I often find when I tell people what a do I get the same response.

"What is a doula? Are you like a midwife?" 

And so I go on to explain that, no, I'm not a midwife or like a midwife and my job is completely non-medical. I don't deliver babies or check heart rates or catch babies or tell you how many centimetres you are dilated. That, my friend, is for the midwife or doctor or care provider to do.