G O Bag

Baby’s arrival is approaching and you are probably eager to meet your little one. Nesting is probably in full swing as well as middle of the night closet cleaning right?! Or late night cravings and running to the bathroom. Sound familiar? And you probably have a list of a million things to do including packing your hospital bag - GO bag - Labour Bag - Birth Bag or whatever you want to call it.

More P O S I T I V I T Y in the Birth World

I attended a workshop the other day and the presenter asked what the general consensus was about childbirth stories. And one lady replied,

"Fear. All you hear are the stories of how hard it is, how painful it is and all that can and will go wrong. You don't hear the good stuff like the support they had or the atmosphere around them."

Be Y O U

Be Y O U

You do you and I'll do M E. Easier said than done, right? In a world where comparison is the thief of joy and billboards tell us who we should be it really seems hard to be M E. 

I used to write a blog and have a creative outlet for things such as our travels, cute stories about my son, how I met the love of my life and our adventures, how living in China taught me how to always take time for tea and how NZ really shaped me into who I am now. And I miss it. When I started mama bird doula I said farewell to my old blog and shed a tear or two about it. Some say that this space should be