I'm Pregnant!? What the.....?

Along the way, at about 14 weeks I was picking up the boys in a rainstorm, as you do for school pick up. I was waiting with other parents, holding my umbrella when all of the sudden I felt a huge shock on my hands as the umbrella flew out of my hands.

I had just been struck by lightening at 14 weeks pregnant. I was terrified to move.

Baby Brain - It's a thing.

According to a Scientific American study, “New mothers showed evidence of neural remodeling up to two years after giving birth.”

You may know it as 'Baby Brain' and there is proof out there that it's a real thing. Often it’s said that we’re more forgetful and scattered and can’t remember where we put our keys. My husband still jokes that my brain has never returned to its normal I-can-remember-everything-you’ve-ever-said-or-done state and that it never will. Frankly it doesn’t really bother me….anymore.

G O Bag

Baby’s arrival is approaching and you are probably eager to meet your little one. Nesting is probably in full swing as well as middle of the night closet cleaning right?! Or late night cravings and running to the bathroom. Sound familiar? And you probably have a list of a million things to do including packing your hospital bag - GO bag - Labour Bag - Birth Bag or whatever you want to call it.