kelowna doula

I want to ensure that families feel safe, supported and loved throughout their pregnancy journey. I want to provide clarity and expertise to help you have an empowered birth.


  • free initial 1 hour consultation

  • 2 prenatal visits between 35 and 38 weeks where we discuss in detail fears, concerns, wishes during labour and birth, pain relief, comfort techniques, breathing exercises, how I can support your partner and so much more

  • labour support from when you call for me to come until the birth of the baby

  • 2 hours immediate postpartum care wherever you birth

  • 2 postpartum home visits within two weeks after birth

  • birth pool rental (additional fees)

kelowna doula

Childbearing doesn’t finish the moment the baby is delivered, it continues and helping the mother recover as she tends to baby is more than enough in the first few weeks after baby arrives. I believe that through nourishment, support, nurturing and TLC, the mother will have best chance to adjust to this new phase of life.


  • in home care for set hours over a set block of time at an hourly rate

  • light housekeeping: empty dishwasher, load/unload washing machine/drier etc.

  • light meal prep: make a meal or snack for mom to eat while nursing, make tea or coffee

  • prepare nourishing postpartum meals in the home that support healing and comfort

  • assist in newborn care: bathing, changing diapers, breastfeeding, formula feeding, baby wearing/wrapping, baby massage

  • tend to baby while parents rest

  • breastfeeding support

  • reflect on labour and birth experience


After baby arrives much is forgotten in the way of the new mother; many want to hold the baby and visit but what is essential to healing and recovery is having a plan in place to allow it to happen. Let’s discover how to nourish your body and pause between chapters as you navigate through the ‘first forty days’.

Postpartum planning 101: 

  • Meetings designed to help you make a postpartum recovery plan (4+ hours)

  • includes tips on body recovery and healing, nutrition, postpartum rituals, nesting stations, hormones and feelings, family support, finding your village, breastfeeding support, baby wearing and sleeping

kelowna doula

Live in a different city? Confined to bed rest? Other children to care for at home? Busy work schedule? Overseas? Partner working out of town and they want to be part of the process? Then this is for you! Support from the comfort of your own home or office or even your favourite café!

online offerings:

  • the prenatal side of doula care from the comfort of your own home (discuss fears, birthing options, pain management etc.)

  • postpartum visits via Skype to check in on your care, offer emotional support and evidence based care

birth pool rental:

  • La Bassine Birth Pool

  • Easy to set up with included pump to inflate and deflate, NEW liner, hose and thermometer all in its own carry bag

  • 25” deep to create buoyancy and allow movement for different positions while in the pool

  • Rentals based on availability


  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

  • Consists of flexible stimulating pads connected by wires to a small, handheld, battery-operated device that generates electrical impulses to help with back pain associated with labour.

  • Machine can be used and controlled by the birthing person in all stages of labour. (Cannot be worn in water)

  • Rental includes handheld unit with neck string, new electrodes (pads), extra batteries, info guide, carry case


Please click here to arrange a free consultation and we can discuss in detail what doula care looks like for you and the associated fees. 

As a birth + postpartum doula I can:

  • discuss all birthing and labour options from positions, standard procedures and the choices you have throughout it all

  • provide comfort measures during labour

  • assist in acquiring the knowledge necessary to make informed decisions about your care

  • help you write your birth and/or postpartum plan and determine what to include

  • support you emotionally, mentally and physically with continuous labour presence

  • provide support and gentle guidance to your partner

  • advocacy support to help you communicate your preferences and wishes

  • support you in home, at birth center or in hospital, including epidural support, induction support and cesarean births

  • immediate postpartum care wherever you birth

  • in home postpartum visit to help integrate baby into the home, answer any lingering questions, reflect on the birth and process the experience as well as assist with newborn care and breastfeeding (postpartum package includes longer care)

A doula does not:

  • perform clinical tasks such as blood pressure, fetal heart checks, vaginal exams; the midwife or caregiver performs these

  • act as a nurse or midwife or deliver your baby; I'm there for support and non-clinical care

  • judge the choices you make; I am there to support you in your decisions and choices

  • speak on your behalf or make decisions for you; I help advocate for your wishes and goals

  • take over for your partner; I can comfort the partner, explain what's going on around them, suggest or gently remind ways to help you